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"All watches tell time, some tell their story, ours tell your story"

-A.R.H,  Co-founder


noun  amal·gam  \ ə-ˈmal-gəm \


-A combination of parts that create a complete whole

Inspired by our paradise Island Mauritius and a makeshift strap, AMALGAM offers luxury beaded timepieces with premium gemstones which can be customized from scratch. Each watch is made uniquely for your wrist size with exclusive upgrades. Watches don’t just tell time anymore, they tell stories. It’s your wrist so why settle for anything less?

it all begins with you.

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Eight watch cases to start this story. Which one resonates with you?

Two strap models to choose who you are. Work or play ? Are you team H+ or H- ?

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A 200+ gemstone collection to make your days more colorful and stone meanings to make like more beautiful. Sneak peek on left

Did you know? We have one of the biggest stone collections in Mauritius

That's all ? oh no, we're just getting started

Fancy an extra bling ? Impact guaranteed with our real silver trinkets

Try our exclusive Sterling Silver trinkets. Silver is symbolic of a subtle strength. The message here is that we ourselves can be flexible enough to be molded into something better – but strong enough to keep our core integrity in tact. How's that for special ? Wait, there's more


The epitome of uniqueness ? Try out Fibre Laser Engraving service 

The pinnacle of customization made possible with custom made engraves. We just need a good resolution picture with a white background and you're good to go. You can add text and number as per your need. We will help you so the whole process is an unforgettable experience ! A luxury offered by few brands in the world...


The only watch brand in Mauritius (& the region) offering in-dial engraving


Want more ? Check out our online brochure here

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Without forgeting, we make one of the best packaging ever. Like seriously, check it out below


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