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"All watches tell time, some tell their story, ours tell your story"

- A.R.H,  Co-founder


noun  amal·gam  \ ə-ˈmal-gəm \


-A combination of parts that create a complete whole

Inspired by our paradise Island Mauritius and a makeshift strap, AMALGAM offers luxury beaded timepieces with premium gemstones which can be customized from square one. Each watch is made uniquely for your wrist size with exclusive upgrades. Watches don’t just tell time anymore, they tell stories. It’s your wrist so why settle for anything less? Read more about the story behind 

Beginning with yours truly,

the Watch Case,

the Watch Case, Origin

Like its name implies, the Origin is the first watch case we designed back in 2017. 

Six choices are available over three case colors. Which one is resonating with you?

Read more about the Origin

Origin Watch Cases_edited.jpg
Asset 8.jpg

the Watch Case,

the Watch Case, Origin

The Myst is the first watch case designed completely in Mauritius and features striking features about our island.

Three choices are available over three case colors. What's your top pick?

Read more about the Myst

the Straps, H+ and H-

Two strap models to choose your watch's embodiment. Mix & blend as you see fit.

Six choices are available.

With the quick-release pin, you can change the strap without tools. Work or play. Your choice.

Asset 6.jpg
Marble Surface

the Stones, the art of nature over many epochs

200+ gemstones collection to give your watch more hue options. Each stone is imbued with meaningful value you can embed in your watch. Mix & blend as you see fit.

Did you know ? We have one of the biggest stone collections in Mauritius

the Silver, Sterling or Pure

Try our exclusive Sterling (92.5%) or Pure (99.9%) Silver trinkets. Silver is symbolic of a subtle strength. The message here is that we ourselves can be flexible enough to be molded into something better – but strong enough to keep our core integrity in tact. 

Check some of our past orders with Silver trinkets along with our trinkets collections (subject to change periodically)

Engrave your memories

Some memories are worth keeping, a date, a name, a picture, a pattern or a quote. Whatever evokes feelings of remembrance in your heart. Nostalgia or motivation, the choice is yours. We just need a good resolution picture with a white background. We will help you so the whole process is an unforgettable experience. A luxury offered by few brands in the world...

You can engrave on/under the straps, on the dial (inside the watch) and on the clasp part (mid-strap).
See more creations here

Memorabilis by ARH

The Pinnacle of Uniqueness

If our watches are considered unique then the Memorabilis Collection are the masterpieces of the highest order. An amalgam created by merging all the wisdom we've acquired since we started the journey in March 2017.

Coupled with the techniques we developed over that time, resulting in previously impossible processes (such as dial-cutting and carving, stone arrangement on dial), we've dived in a completely new world with endless creative possibilities.

We use only the most expensive stones & materials. The designs are not customizable except for minor changes to keep the original essence of the design intact. Each is designed by hand and translates to reality after 3-4 weeks of work. Check it out here