the Watch

When we started the journey, we set out to create a watch design and brand that would be different at providing value to the fashion watch industry. Embedding a unique worth to the timepiece without sacrificing practicality was one of our toughest challenges but we succeeded with the AMALGAM VISION.

Dial designs

8 cases only.jpg

CLassic dial-Bold & Modern

These are the words that describe the classic. A companion for your wrist when wearing classic attires, a design perfect for any formal dress. It also adds an extra Oomph to casual situations.

Available in Rose Gold, Silver, Gold & Black 

8 cases only.jpg

Casual dial-Clean Simplicity

The Casual embodies the free spirit , unbound by any chains. Perfect for those who are looking for an accessory to complement non-formal attires and settings.

Available in Black, Gunmetal, Rose Gold & Silver 


AMALGAM allows you to customize your straps to give an entirely new look. The extent of customisation is more with the H+ compared to the H-

h+ model

Using the hooks and the classic quick-pin release, 4 different combos can be made, each related with the other.

H+ Customisation (Custom).png

h- model

The quick-pin allows the straps to be swapped in a single-go offering two different combinations

H- Customisation (Custom).png


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