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Memorabilis by ARH

We’re raising the bar higher with the ‘Memorabilis’ by ARH. It features a collectible in-house design. Created & ideated by ARH, the co-founder & CEO of AMALGAM Watches. Only one is made in the world & the story behind each piece is carefully crafted to evoke unique emotions. From the frustrating beginnings to the triumphant ending.



The work starts with a story, the Calliope, the Literature. The story behind the inspiration and the process behind each work concluded with a short poem. We believe that poems can open a window of appreciation only words can, a stirring of emotions. 



Next, the Clio, the Sculpture. In the broadest sense, the physical form. It consists of a carefully assembled amalgam of self-designed parts. An expression in the physical realm, the parts embody a fleeting satisfaction of time next to the vastness of eternity.



The final part is the Polymnia, the Painting. Presented in an abstract form by combining photography with a modern touch of editing, it unravels another view of the same theme. The goal at this stage is to create colors and perspectives not possible with the other previous forms.

The Memorabilis seek at combining the three aspects of classical art, each part made individually but not independently, like the pillars of support in a structure. Only when brought together can the work be viewed as a whole. Check it out below.

Feast your eyes & soul

The origin collection

The first signatures ever made in-house entirely