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The Flower of Paradise

A follow-up to our last blog entry where we introduced the concept of signature design. If our watches are considered unique work of art then the signature designs are the masterpieces of our historical collection. An amalgam created by merging all the wisdom we've acquired since we started the journey in November 2018. Coupled with the techniques we developed over that time, resulting in previously impossible processes (such as dial-cutting), we are now ready to dive into a new world.

The First Signature

Enter the Flower of Paradise, the first signature design that we consider 'complete'. We've done extensive testing and fitting prior to make sure the settings, the looks and final finish is articulated as we intended. Needless to say, it included redundant and boring work of iterative testing and note taking until we reached the sweet spot.

So what is the story behind the watch ? Quoting our online brochure:

"Named after the flower Strelitzia, also know as Bird of Paradise. Symbolic of Freedom. An intricately cut dial with roman markings creates an impressive layered effect with the silver watch case as background. The central diagram is a star, also represented as a pentagram. In the past, the pentagram was commonly seen as a symbol for good and for protection against evil. The gemstones used are meant to mimic the living or life. The garnet, the blood, the fuel of the living. Bronzite is the body. The smoky quartz, the mind. Grey Hawk Eyes, the senses. The engraving theme is a classic floral depiction that extends to the mid-strap part. Symmetry played an essential part in this design"

As we continue practicing the craft, we believe we can make even more stunning designs, combing craftsmanship and aesthetics with symbolism. Where it'll take us, we don't know. What it'll bring us, we don't know. However, what we do know is we're not stopping anytime soon. It goes without saying that none of this would be possible without your support. Thank you.

P.S. Got any ideas ? Drop it below in the comments or message us if you want to know more about our work.

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