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First Post !

Hello all. AR from AMALGAM Watches here. Over the last two years, the team and I developed new processes and design methods but we never had the chance to share. Acting on a recommendation, we decided to start our blog !

What is it that we'll post about, you ask? Everything! From our daily routines, new discoveries & designs. It'll be a one-stop-shop for all news related to AMALGAM. We hope to post 2-3 times per week. The post will be non-formal with humor and meme, meant for a quick-read (5-15 mins). If you have any questions/comments to share, drop them in the comment section!

Laser Engraving Chronicles 001, The Beginning: In November 2020, we got our Fibre Laser Engraving Machine. We named her 'Betty', because why not?. With Betty, it meant that we could handle all orders in-house with two main advantages. First, no more hassle. Outsourcing it to a third-party was not easy, we had to drop the engraving piece, wait 4-5 days, then go pick it up. God forbid anything went wrong, otherwise it would mean 4-5 days again.

Second, the fees ripped through any profits we were making for the service. Simply put, we prepared the engraving file, handled the logistics, all for free. The service fee we levied on the customer was given to the third-party engraver, in its entirety. The actual process of engraving only takes 15-30 seconds once you figure out the settings (power, height, and position) for each part.

With Betty, we made huge progress in both our normal operations and R&D (new stuff). We could now complete an engraving order within 1-2 days. We can engrave all metal parts on the watch, any straps, on the dial, and the strap middle parts. We even tested on the stones but it's not ready to be showcased yet. Next time, we'll tell you about our signature designs! We added some pictures of our recent work, all made in-house. Enjoy 🐱‍🏍🐱‍👤

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