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Dial-cutting: Story of a brilliant mistake

After receiving Betty (our laser engraving machine), we knew she was special so we took extra care of her! Switching it off completely after use, cleaning it every 3 days, making sure it’s always shiny. When it came to using Betty, we never went above 50% power unless we wanted to ‘burn’ the metal part.

In January of this year, a friend visited & we demo’ed Betty. Needless to say, it was well-received and to show-off, we tried 100% on a thin metal plate. For the record, we did the 100% before on some tools but never on a thin plate with the continuous mode ON (doing the same engraving over & over again). The result?

It left a dark imprint on the plate. Upon closer inspection, we noticed that the laser went through, it cut the plate! We checked the machine workbench (the plate on which you place the items you’re going to engrave), that engraving was present there!

Engraving for watch dial plate
L: Mark left on machine plate, R: Plate cut-through

Some would call it a careless blunder but for us, the Eureka moment! In a glimpse, we saw the possibilities. On top of that, we had seven colors for those plates. And the thickness of the plate was perfect for our watch dial. Until then, AMALGAM only provided extensive customization for the straps but now, our watch case could also be re-designed! Initially, we wanted to work on our factory dials but the lacquer on them prevented many heat processes (drilling & cutting) and the engraving could only be made on 5-15% power.

Watch dial with fibre laser engraving
Intricate dial-cut

That was 2 months ago, we made 6 designs for our signature collection. It is a lot more delicate than the straps as precision and care are required for the cutting and dial-placement. Next up, one of our signature designs, the Flower of Paradise. How we're leaving our mark in the watch industry. Thanks for being awesome and if you have any comments/questions, don't hesitate to drop it below !

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