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Back again with exciting news !

Hello everyone, hope you’re all doing great. I know that it’s been a long time since the last entry. *Clears throat* I hope you find forgiveness in your heart for my untimely disappearance. In my defense, I was abducted by aliens and forced to do their bidding. Since I’m writing this, my escape was a success. Here, ‘aliens’ is a metaphor for work responsibilities that is completely new to me. Hectic is an understatement to describe last July but all is back on track now. So let me show you what's new.

A. Manufacturing of our new watch case has started (include pictures)

Last year, the team started the work that would culminate to this point, and boi are we proud of the final result. Making a new watch case is not an easy endeavor given the hurdles you have to face before reaching the final stage, manufacturing. To name a few, design considerations, movement choice, hands, case finish, dial design, and construction. The biggest issue, not being able to inspect the part physically. However, one of our co-founder, Dr. Hosany Sumayyah, is our saving grace in this situation. A strong critic of our work, her contribution is important in the development stages. I’ll stop lest this article becomes about her only. The new watch case, MYST, will be ready by end of September.

Slide for more

Size comparison with our existing watch (40 mm, round)

B. Restocking straps.

As some of you are aware, we’re out of stock for black straps. Rose gold also is nearly over too. As such, we have to wake the dwarves in the mountain, to make more. Our straps are made by metal injection molding and will take around 2 months to get ready.

C. Re-designing the clasp part Since its introduction in November 2020, our clasp design with metalcore was successful and well-received. We only had few issues, countable on one hand but nothing significant. As such, we re-designed the part to be smaller and more intricate while keeping the same functions. We’ve reduced the width by around 25% from 17 mm to 13 mm, rounded the edges to make it look better with our strap as a whole.

Slide for more

D. Engraving updates

Dial Engraving: We also discovered new engraving processes for better engraving. This warrants an entry on its own so we’ll just breeze through. Three stable colors are available for dial engraving, gold or silver, and black/dark grey. Check the pictures below for our recent work

Slide for more

Strap Engraving: Our full-strap engraving posed a problem due to the curvature of the strap at the edges. Simply put, when the height changes, it affects the engraving results by making it paler or colored. So we started tweaking the settings and height. We found our sweet spot and full strap engraving is now stable for any kind of design.

We have other news but we’ll keep that for another day. Next entry, mid-August if no more alien shows up! Thank you for reading up to this point, stay awesome and always forward. Yours truly, ARH.


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