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Who can brag about our timepiece better than us ? Our past customers !

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How much does the watch weigh?

It weighs on average 120 grams(with 18 beads). The weight is evenly distributed throughout the watch with the stainless steel case, straps and the gemstone beads. This ensures it remains comfortable even for long-duration.


Are all the gemstones similar? What’s the size?

Since it's all-natural stones, each bead has a unique variation such that no two beads will look exactly the same. Any bead in the 30 Bead Collection is 10 mm in diameter.


Are the beads all-natural gemstones?

The majority of our beads are natural or treated gemstones.  We added two synthetic beads due to the surreal visual looks it provided. Our synthetic beads are Zebra Malachite, Black & Yellow Malachite. Kindly message us if you have any other queries.


How reliable is the elastic core?

Since November 2020, we no longer use the elastic core but a stainless steel core along with our improved propriety strap design featuring a butterfly clasp. 

What is the difference between a signature and normal design ?

A signature design is made only once and involves complex manufacturing & assembly processes (dial cutting, strap carving and stone placing). All designs shown are prepared in-house. Also, all design are used only once for a specific color theme. And only 5 color themes are made per design. Stones used are taken from our premium & rare collection, our most prized stones.

Normal design involves less complex processes. Designs are not restricted to future customers and engraving designs can be used multiple time by various customers. While we don't recommend it, same-stone arrangement is not restricted. 


Is International shipping supported?

No, at the moment, we only operate in Mauritius. International Shipping coming soon !


My wrist is hairy , is there any issues regarding comfortability?

If you have never worn a watch before and this is your first time, there might be some temporary discomfort with our H- model which should last a few days. After which, everything should be better. Get back to us if the issue persists.

Any other questions ?
Shoot us a query mail at
(We will get back to you as soon as possible)

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